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Welcome to Vaporcraft, the lead dealer for personal vaporizers, electronic cigarettes, e-liquids and accessories in Clawson, Michigan. This shop and social hot spot seeks to help people find alternatives to typical tobacco in the company of good friends. First time vapers (vapor cigarette users)will be shown how to use their new products while experienced vapers can experiment with a wide range of mods and methods, and both old hands and newbies can enjoy each other's company in Vaporcraft's comfortable surroundings.

Reasons to switch:

Why make the switch from smoking tobacco to vapor cigarettes in the first place? Simply put, smoking tobacco is both costly and damaging to one's social life. Vapor cigarettes, by contrast, are highly cost efficient, and do not burn clothes or permanently taint their user with an unpleasant aroma. In addition to this, rather than spending over a hundred dollars or more on cartons of cigarettes in the course of one month, you only need to buy one bottle of e-liquid, a mixture of flavor, water, and nicotine, that the e-cigarettes use - which will see you through the whole of the month and costs only $20. In a similar vein, unlike the banned cigarette, vapor cigs are allowed in most bars, thus allowing you to once again pair your evening drink with a rush of nicotine.

Zombie Provari, We also carry a large variety of tanking systems including ViviNova, IB Tank, Z-Atty pro, Kanger Protank and replacement heads, re-buildable mesh and wire, cartomizers from Smok-Tech.plus many more accessories for your mods. E cigarette Lounge and Shop Electronic Cigarettes E liquids Clawson Michigan Major Brands Including the the Provari line Mini V2.5 Provape 1 Provari V2.5 Vaporcraft is the only shop carrying the Provari in the MetroDetoit area. In addition to these brands, Vaporcraft offers a variety of some of the best e-liquids including Halo Mr. E's USA PureE cigarette Lounge and Shop Electronic Cigarettes E liquids Clawson Michigan, Mad Murdock's New Flavor Mellow Melange