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Vaporcraft was established in the beginning of 2013 and while vapor shops have existed in places such as California since 2009 Michigan is a late comer state in the vaping arena. Vaporcraft was not only one of the three original vapor shops in Michigan and the first in the Metro-Detroit area, but also the original and only all authentic shop in the state.

Vaporcraft was originally founded by two medical professionals that fought long term smoking addictions, and like the vast majority of all long term smokers found that the only successful long term smoking cessation was through vaping.

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Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos

“If you’re expressing your opinion about e-cigarettes in public, you should know what you’re talking about…” Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos is a Greek cardiovascular specialist who in recent years has become increasingly high-profile internationally on account of his groundbreaking clinical research into e-cigarettes and the effects of their use. He spoke to ECF as he embarked… READ MORE

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